Innovation In Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt Paving Equipment

Some of the paved surfaces we drive on every day are decades old, and many of the techniques used during the paving process haven’t changed much since. However, some standout innovations in asphalt pavement – in both materials and implementation – are shaping the industry.

Asphalt Underlayer Stabilization

As environmentally friendly as asphalt pavement already is, sustainability has become even more of a priority in recent years. Well-designed and professionally installed asphalt doesn’t ever need to be entirely replaced and shouldn’t wear out, leading to less maintenance and a smaller overall environmental impact. Soil stabilization plays a significant role in ensuring quality asphalt pavement.

Like building construction, the foundation of road construction will dictate its integrity — the base of an asphalt paving project determines whether the pavement lasts for years to come. One way to know if a contractor is helping to ensure that integrity is if they perform soil stabilization before beginning paving. 

There are several methods of soil stabilization, and you can use a variety of additives to complete the process. Soil samples are an excellent way to determine which approach to take, but soil stabilization is most common for parking lots and municipal roadways projects. After grading, the soil is pulverized to the proper depth, and the agent is added to form a subgrade layer. This creates a chemical reaction that “primes” the surface for several additional layers.

Fiber Reinforced Asphalt

Fiber reinforcement was used in ancient civilizations to reinforce the components that made up structures — straw and horsehair were combined with mud to make bricks that were then dried in the sun. This helped to resist cracking and improve the strength and structural integrity of the dwellings these bricks were used to build.

Today, many asphalt paving contractors choose FORTA-FI® for fiber-reinforced asphalt installation. Fiber reinforcements like FORTA-FI® are easily added during the traditional asphalt installation process by qualified contractors using the right tools. It’s an effective, customizable product that has been around since 1978 and has a long track record of success. 

One bag of products is added to every ton of asphalt, making it a cost-efficient way to improve the overall quality of asphalt. It mixes thoroughly and quickly and is distributed throughout the asphalt mixture evenly. Fiber reinforcement can extend the life of the pavement by up to 50% by reducing the damage that requires resurfacing or even replacement.

Asphalt Full-Depth Reclamation

Usually, you can easily repair asphalt paved surfaces. Still, there are cases where it needs to be completely replaced and re-installed – likely due to major structural issues or road construction. In that case, it’s generally removed from the site after being torn up and stored for future projects. This is still a sustainable strategy, but it does create quite a big carbon footprint during the transportation of old material and installation of new material. 

Full-depth reclamation (FDR) pulverizes up to 20 inches of asphalt layers. FDR is often used for asphalt pavement beyond traditional repair and shows signs of deep cracks and rutting due to loss or lack of base layer integrity. Stabilization is then implemented to create a stronger base surface, and a thinner top layer of asphalt is then installed.

On average, FDR is 20-30% less expensive than traditional asphalt pavement removal and replacement methods. Because FDR happens on-site, it takes about one-third of the time and requires fewer processes than conventional removal. FDR is great for high-traffic surfaces as it gives asphalt pavement flexibility and strength in areas prone to increased damage.

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