Municipal Asphalt Paving

Municipal Asphalt Paving

Municipal Asphalt Paving: Nobody on the municipal level likes to be in charge of asphalt or road repair as it can be an expensive and complicated process. However, keeping roads safe and free from damage that can impact drivers is an important part of city planning and infrastructure growth. Working with a paving company that has experience with municipal paving projects can save time, money, and some huge headaches.


When to Repair Asphalt

Consider repairing roads and public parking lots about 2/3rds of the way through their lifespans — which will be determined when the initial paving happens. This means that pavement that should last 10 years needs repair about 6-7 years in. Of course, it could happen sooner than that based on the volume of traffic and environmental conditions.


Paving Options

Municipal paving projects are much different than residential projects. Asphalt contractors need to explain these choices to project managers, but here are a few options available:

  • Stone-Matrix: Also referred to as stone mastic asphalt, this is specifically designed for high-traffic roads to resist rutting from wear and tear. It’s also a wise choice for reducing noise pollution. Composite is made from gap-graded aggregate and a modified asphalt binder.
  • Perpetual Pavement: This consists of a strong subsurface supporting multiple layers of durable asphalt. This type of pavement prevents cracks and provides a smoother driving surface that can go years without needing restoration or repair.
  • Porous asphalt: Designed specifically for optimized water drainage, porous asphalt is ideal for city planning. It’s cost-effective and sustainable and has a lifespan of up to 20 years. Using porous asphalt doesn’t require any special training or equipment, either.
  • Open-graded friction course: In order to improve friction in wet driving conditions, open-graded asphalt surfaces are added to help drain water away from the roadway. This is also something that aids in noise pollution reduction.

Municipal Asphalt Paving


Prolonging Municipal Asphalt Lifespan

Aside from choosing an asphalt contractor that has experience with municipal paving, the best preventative measures for extending pavement longevity starts with having cracks filled when they become as wide as they are deep. Cracks are moisture magnets, and water and debris will collect and degrade the subsurface — the support system for your pavement. Moisture can also freeze during the colder months and lead to more serious issues and larger cracks. Consider regular sealcoating as well to maintain the barrier between the pavement and elements beyond your control, like nature or traffic.


Predicting Pavement Challenges

There should be no unpleasant surprises if the pavement is installed correctly, but one of the most common issues that arise is cracking, simply due to regular use. UV exposure, changing temperatures, heavy traffic, and friction can all contribute to cracking. However, if cracks spread quickly, that’s a sure sign that the asphalt wasn’t correctly installed and can lead to a full replacement.

Potholes are, of course, another issue that commonly arises on municipal roadways and parking lot surfaces. These are a result of cracks that go unrepaired, exposed to heat and humidity, and collecting standing water that can further degrade the subsurface of the pavement. Along with constant complaints from drivers, potholes can lead to damage and even injuries that increase danger on the roadways and liability for property owners and managers.


Municipal Asphalt Paving


Addressing Sustainability

Because asphalt is an eco-friendly option, it’s a great way to support any city-wide initiatives to create a more sustainable community. It helps conserve energy, protect water quality, and the pavement is fully recyclable, which saves costs and the environment. A qualified asphalt contractor can even efficiently repair roadways and parking lots using recycled materials.

When considering your options for an upcoming municipal project, it’s important to rethink picking solely based on price. In some cases, people who’ve had long-standing arrangements with their contractors end up looking elsewhere after they run into problems. And when it comes to private street maintenance, small setbacks tend to become big issues very quickly. 

During prep, installation, and followup, we’ll keep you in the loop. We will also account for the extra tasks required to keep your streets moving smoothly. This includes notifying any nearby businesses that will be impacted, roping off the relevant areas, and everything in between. We take every step possible to avoid causing any disruptions whatsoever. And with the focus we place on having more than enough equipment on hand, your project will continue uninterrupted until it’s completed. Ready to get the right team on your project? We’re ready to hear from you!