The Advantages of Choosing Commercial Asphalt Paving Services

Whether you’re looking to sell or attract new prospects, there are a handful of reasons why commercial property owners would look for ways to increase the value of their real estate. One investment that offers big returns is commercial asphalt pavement installation.

Think Outside The Box

While asphalt paving is the obvious choice for driveways and parking lots, it’s a great option for a list of other projects. Create paved walkways to provide employees a space to relax, or add a paved sports court for tennis or basketball so people can get their game on. Talk to your asphalt contractor about ideas and project specifications for these other areas.

Boost Curb Appeal

It doesn’t take long for your property to make an impression on visitors, whether they be customers or employees. You don’t want to send them elsewhere based on damaged, cracked, and warped parking areas. Properly and professionally installed asphalt lets them know that you work hard to maintain your building’s grounds and reduces the chance that visitors’ vehicles will sustain damage.

Increase Environmental Friendliness

Eco-friendly, “greener” properties are becoming increasingly popular, and asphalt paving has long been an environmentally friendly process. Porous asphalt allows for better water drainage, which reduces erosion and helps maintain the water cycle. You could even be eligible for a tax deduction for choosing this type of asphalt. 

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Asphalt is easy to repair — it doesn’t need to be fully replaced in order to make it look brand new again. Old, damaged asphalt can also be easily recycled and reused to make those repairs. It’s pulverized as it’s stripped and used as material for the new asphalt installation. This drastically reduces the budget necessary for road and parking lot maintenance, adding value to your property.

Improve Safety

Smooth, damage-free roadways and parking lots on your commercial property provide skid-free surfaces for vehicles, and pavement markings enhance visibility, both reducing the potential for dangerous accidents. Porous asphalt (as mentioned above) keeps water drained properly so that it doesn’t collect and freeze, causing slip-and-fall injuries.

Add Durability

Property owners or managers that expect a change of use for their property can turn to commercial asphalt pavement to help support that change. A good example is installing thicker, more durable pavement to meet the demand of an uptick in logistics vehicles (like tractor-trailers frequently delivering loads) traveling the property’s pavement.

Minimize Downtime

Having your customers or employees lose access to parking lots and driveways on your property could mean your business loses revenue. Because commercial asphalt pavement pros have the expertise and skills to get the job done right, that downtime can be limited. Having it professionally installed reduces the chance that you’ll need to restrict access for frequent repairs.

Solution: Sealcoating

Your commercial asphalt paving contractor team can also help regularly maintain the pavement with sealcoating. Over time, asphalt is exposed to the weather, sunlight, and leaks from vehicles — all of which can cause structural damage without a sealcoat in place. It’s a small, inexpensive maintenance task that protects aesthetic and structural integrity.

Keep It Clean

Gravel driveways and parking lots generate dirt and mud that dirties vehicles and gets tracked into your building. It’s also much easier to clear (and cleaner) when winter weather creates piles of snow. With asphalt, there are no sunken divots to fill where tires frequently travel and it’s easier for pedestrians to walk on.

Cut The Noise

The materials used in asphalt paving installation absorb road noise and are much quieter than surfaces like gravel or even concrete. This is ideal for high-traffic, high-occupancy commercial properties like apartment complexes or healthcare facilities. 

The investment you make in commercial asphalt paving starts with the contractor you choose. There’s no substitution for experience and skill. Everything we do is focused on getting commercial asphalt and pavement projects done on time and on budget – no matter what.

We have the best equipment, scheduling, and systems in the area bar none. We know the problems and actively prepare for all the contingencies so you don’t have to worry. We will get it done on time and with the least disruption to your property. Stay focused on your side of things by hiring the right team to handle your commercial asphalt projects — get in touch today.