What to Know About Asphalt Commercial Parking Lots

Are you tired of looking out the window of your commercial building and seeing a gravel parking lot? Have customers and employees complained about damage to their cars? Is there mud and dirt being tracked into the building every time it rains or snows? Although it may seem like gravel is the less expensive option, it could cost you in the long run as a landlord – consider having your commercial parking lot paved with asphalt instead. 

Asphalt Is Cleaner

Not only does that mud and dirt from the gravel end up inside your building, but it also makes its way into vehicles in the parking lot. Snowy winters and rainy summers can lead to quite a mess without an asphalt paved surface that also works to help improve water flow on the property.

Asphalt Is Safer

This is a significant point to make related to hospitals, medical clinics, doctor’s offices, and aging care facilities. Gravel can present a long list of mobility challenges for the elderly, those in wheelchairs or on crutches, or those pushing strollers. Asphalt, however, offers a smooth, easily maneuverable surface.

Asphalt Offers Curb Appeal

That gravel or dirt parking lot – the one that’s dirty and potentially unsafe – also looks pretty unappealing as well. Paved asphalt looks cleaner and more streamlined and provides the property owner with a veritable blank canvas for painted parking lines and landscaped islands and medians. 

Asphalt Is More Economical

Yes – ultimately, it’s cheaper upfront to create a gravel parking lot than it is to have the space professionally paved with asphalt. However, asphalt is much easier and cheaper to maintain over the pavement’s lifetime, which is typically 25 years. 

Asphalt Is Lower Maintenance

To that point, the maintenance that asphalt does require compared to gravel is minimal. Gravel or dirt needs to be regularly releveled to ensure an even surface and can develop tire ruts easily. These will need to be filled as soon as they appear, becoming an expensive and time-consuming process.

Asphalt Is Common and Popular

Would you be surprised to find out that around 90% of commercial parking lots and 85% of airport runways are paved with asphalt? Or that 97% of the 2.7 million miles of roads in this country have asphalt paved surfaces? Municipalities and infrastructure planners rely on asphalt paving to keep improvement budgets manageable, so it only makes sense that many commercial property owners and managers choose asphalt paving over other surfaces.

Asphalt Requires Experience

From the early planning stages to completion, asphalt paving projects take a lot of work to get done right. The provider you choose needs to have more than just asphalt, equipment, and labor. They should also have well-maintained equipment (plus spare machines) and well-trained, safety-conscious work crews.

The investment you make in commercial asphalt paving starts with the contractor you choose. There’s no substitution for experience and skill. It doesn’t take long for your property to make an impression on visitors, whether they be customers or employees. Properly and professionally installed asphalt lets them know that you work hard to maintain your building’s grounds and reduces the chance that visitors’ vehicles will sustain damage.

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