Leritz Busy Bee Paving – St Louis Metro Asphalt and Paving Company

Leritz Busy Bee Asphalt Paving is a commercial paving contractor that's been serving customers throughout the St. Louis region since 1982. Many of Leritz's customers have been with the company from the very beginning and they come back year after year for all of their commercial asphalt needs, whether it's new asphalt, asphalt maintenance, or serving the needs of municipalities for their asphalt streets.
We asked the company CEO and founder, Joe Leritz, to talk a little bit about how the company got started and what's changed over the years as they've grown and evolved.

During the very early days it was me and a handful of guys. I spent a lot of time working in the field or driving a truck and as time went on, we hired field workers that were far more capable than I. Today we have an office staff of eight and a field staff of 20 plus a couple more in the shop.

Leritz Busy Bee takes a lot of pride in their people and their equipment. It's one of the things that really sets them apart from their competitors.

One of our most valuable assets are our field employees. They're paid a fair wage. They're union employees with great benefits, so we're very proud of these guys and the skills that they bring. It's not just plain old laborer's work, it's finishing work. These are skilled guys who know how to make the finished product look really, really sharp. We've got five full time project managers who are tuned in to our customer base.

Customers can count on the team at Leritz Busy Bee to help them with the earliest stages of their projects. They help their customers figure out what's the best course of action to get the most longevity out of their asphalt pavement, as well as deliver the best cosmetic look as possible.

Sometimes a customer will not be aware of the exact needs of their parking lot. It could be something as simple as a seal and crack fill or it could be patching or it could be even more extensive work and a complete reconstruction depending on the condition of the [inaudible 00:02:15]. During that meeting, we determine exactly what the customer needs are. We take a very specific interest in their business and how we can complete the project with the least amount of disruptions.
For example, we complete many grocery store projects. Those require several stages of construction in order to reduce disruption to their business. Another important aspect of the project is customer safety. We use barricades to designate travel areas to ensure that our customer's patrons remain safe throughout the project. Extensive planning takes place in the office as well as in the field to ensure that safety remains in place during the entire project.

The professional project managers at Leritz Busy Bee are known for spending time to consult with their customers well before the project ever gets started. They're honest and make sure that the scope delivers the right balance of quality and value. They don't oversell, they don't upsell.

One of the main differences with Leritz Busy Bee Paving is our equipment. The major components of our paving fleet are replaced every two years. This ensures that our projects are completed on time without delay. We also maintain a fleet of backup equipment in case any breakdowns occur during your project.
One of the major components of a project is time sensitivity. In order to ensure no delays occur during your project, we maintain a fleet of modern equipment. We recommend on an annual basis inspection of your asphalt surface to determine any sealing of cracks that may be required. Crack filling is the single most important thing for longevity of your asphalt surface. We would also recommend a seal coat every three to five years depending on several factors, including traffic load and condition of your asphalt surface.

So if you're a commercial property manager or a commercial property owner, you should contact the professionals at Leritz Busy Bee if you have an immediate need or if you just want some help in longterm planning for your asphalt assets. For more information or to reach out to the team at Leritz Busy Bee, just visit Leritzbusybee.com.