Municipal Asphalt Projects


For municipal services, Leritz Busy Bee offers an industry-low EMR rating as well as competitive pricing for high-quality work.

We invest in our equipment so you stay covered in the event of breakdowns.
Municipal Asphalt Paving
Some of the projects we have completed include: paved walkways, parks, road repair, bike trails, and private street maintenance. We handle any local traffic, keeping your operation running smoothly. We also ensure you are aware of each development as the job moves from onset to completion.

Best Choice for Your Municipal Asphalt Paving Projects

Leritz Busy Bee Paving offers services that extend beyond residences and businesses. We’ve also completed several municipal asphalt projects. These include private street repaving, road maintenance, and repaving projects for trustees.
Municipal Asphalt Paving
In some cases, people who’ve had long-standing arrangements with their contractors end up looking elsewhere after they run into problems. And when it comes to private street maintenance, small setbacks tend to become big issues very quickly.

A quick job can take two or three times as long if one machine breaks down. Delays on road work, in turn, create traffic problems and delays. At Leritz Busy Bee, we avoid these issues by investing in our people and our equipment. Superior equipment in the field and high-quality spares at our shop means we can provide clients with the assurance that we’ll get their projects done on time with the least disruption possible.

For Municipal Work, The Vital Elements To Account For When Considering Contractors Are:

  • Equipment Maintenance Practices
  • Tenure Of The Labor Force
  • Safety Precautions And Practices
  • EMR Rating (Experience Modification Rate, Which References Accidents Per Man Hour)

Our EMR is about as low as it can get for our industry, and we work hard every day to keep it that way.

Examples Of Municipal Projects Already Tackled By Leritz Busy Bee Paving Include:

  • Paved Walkways And Paths
  • Parks And Playgrounds
  • New Street Construction
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Paved Bicycle Trails
  • Private Road Repair
  • Roadway Maintenance

When considering your options for an upcoming municipal project, it’s important to rethink picking solely based on price. Often, we hear about bids that amount to less than what the cost of materials should be. However, as we rank in the top asphalt buyers in St. Louis, we get our materials at a better price than any of our competitors. Beyond that, we can accommodate even the busiest municipal space throughout a project.
Municipal Asphalt Paving
During prep, installation, and following, we’ll keep you in the loop. We will also account for the extra tasks required to keep your streets moving smoothly. This includes notifying any nearby businesses that will be impacted, roping off the relevant areas, and everything in between. We take every step possible to avoid causing any disruptions whatsoever. And with the focus we place on having more than enough equipment on hand, your project will continue uninterrupted until it’s completed.

Get the Right Team on Your Project

When you trust Leritz Busy Bee Paving with your municipal asphalt projects, you can trust you are getting the best in materials and services. Schedule a consultation with our team of pavement experts today to get started.