New Asphalt Pavement



Leritz Busy Bee Paving Has Paved Many Of The Largest New Asphalt Projects In The St. Louis Region.

We specialize in larger commercial, municipal and industrial projects. Turn to us when you need applications for parking lots, pathways, base layer preparations, streets, recreational areas and more. Our experienced project managers, schedulers, and asphalt paving specialists deliver a superior finished job with the least disruption to your business or municipality as possible.

Achieve Optimal Results for New Asphalt Pavement 

From the early planning stages to completion, asphalt paving projects take a lot of work to get done right. The provider you choose needs to have more than just asphalt, equipment and labor. They should also have well-maintained equipment (plus spare machines) and well-trained, safety-conscious work crews.

Is your focus is on quality and dependability? At Leritz Busy Bee we have earned a solid reputation you can trust. For 30 years, we have kept projects on schedule while managing to keep business interruptions to a minimum. And most importantly, the work we do stands the test of time.

As professional commercial asphalt contractors, our project execution and finished work is superior to the discount asphalt competitors in the market. When choosing the right asphalt company, it's important to look beyond just the price. If a price is too low, there is usually a good reason. Hiring a discount provider who is willing to cut corners to get to the lowest bid, is a recipe for disaster.

How Does a Discount Asphalt Provider Lower Their Bid?

  • Use Less Asphalt. If a spec requires 4 inches of asphalt, we calculate a minimum of 4 inches of asphalt. A discount provider might prepare a lower bid while planning to use less material than required. We have seen jobs go wrong because a discounter used 25% less asphalt than they should have. Unfortunately, their customers may not realize the shortage until the lower quality work deteriorates prematurely. In some cases, a poorly finished asphalt project can last only half as long as one done right.
  • Pay a Lower Wage. Our asphalt crews are working professionals with years of experience and extensive ongoing safety training. We work hard to recruit and retain the best people in the business. Our compensation and benefits for our team is among the best in the St. Louis Region.
  • Use Old Equipment. On average, we replace our specialized asphalt equipment every 2-3 years. We maintain a fleet of “back-up” machines in case we do experience a break down. Superior equipment ensures our asphalt projects do not get delayed by factors we can control, like equipment maintenance.

Your One Stop Shop for Asphalt Paving

At Leritz Busy Bee, we can help our customers by managing the entire project. If the job involves milling in the beginning or stripes at the end, we work with our most trusted subcontractors to get each task done right and on time. Having one source for multiple services can be one way to save without sacrificing quality. We have the project management and paving experience necessary to complete large, multifaceted jobs with ease.

If you’ve begun to notice increased wear and tear on your asphalt, don’t delay in handling it. Common issues include physical defects like thin patches, broken fragments, and potholes. The sooner you handle these problems, the more long-lasting and cost-effective the solution could be. The key is finding the right provider for the job!

Services and project types we offer for new asphalt pavement include:

  • Parking lots: new construction, repairs, maintenance
  • Pathways and walkways
  • Job planning and estimation
  • Base layer preparation
  • Outdoor structure entrances
  • Street paving
  • Paved bike trails
  • Institutions: schools, churches, hospitals, hotels
  • Golf courses
  • Tennis courts

Choose a Trusted Local Company for Your Asphalt Project

At Leritz Busy Bee Paving, we have the resources to get the job done safely and securely. Inferior competitors have fewer machines and fewer margins for error. If one of their machines breaks down, their operation grinds to a halt and so does your project. Our equipment is always backed-up with other machines waiting to go to work if something goes wrong.

The professional Leritz Busy Bee team will take the time to ensure nothing happens to interrupt our process as we work to turn your goals into reality. We are only satisfied with a job well done when you are. Schedule a consultation with Leritz Busy Bee today to learn more about our expert new asphalt pavement services.